Shark School


What is Shark School?

Shark School is our new program to help your new swimmer transition from swim lessons to swim team. We’ve divided Shark School into two age groups: 3-5 and 6&up. The instructor-to-swimmer ratio will be different for each group.

Your 3-5 year old will build up strength and skill to swim across the pool, at first with flotation aids, but soon without them. Next we’ll work on getting those arms and legs to work together in the freestyle stroke and backstroke. He will also get an introduction into breaststroke and butterfly. And boy, will he nap good!

Your 6 and up swimmer will also focus on freestyle and backstroke, and will build up endurance for more laps. We will introduce diving and lateral breathing with the freestyle stroke and spend a bit more time on breaststroke and butterfly. The practices will grow to look like what the swim team kids are doing in the deep end, but your child won’t feel pressure to keep up with faster swimmers and won’t compete in meets. Plan to buy some power snacks, swimmers eat a lot!

2018 Dates coming soon!

Members: $160**
Non-Members: $240

*Yes sibling discounts apply! Take $10 off for each sibling down the line (start with the highest cost first if you have a mix of shark school and swim team kids).
**If you have a current GPRA membership -or- have kids on swim team and have paid a swim-team-only membership, you get the Members rate for shark school.